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Our Story
In Summary

Our story begins with an ambition of becoming the leader in the production, promotion, and marketing of our Coffea Arabica within the Kingdom and around the world. Our objective is to position the Kingdom as the home for one of the most popular coffee beans in the world, Coffea Arabica beans, which are grown in the Jazan region of our Kingdom. We will work on enhancing the technology being used in the production of our coffee locally and provide all the training required to upskill our local farmers. Furthermore, we will also work on the transfer of technology and knowledge to the Kingdom in various fields including cultivation, roasting, marketing, and sales of coffee as well as all operations to position the Kingdom as a leader in the industry.

Our Vision

Position the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a global leader in the coffee production industry.

Our Mission

To energize the local coffee sector and excel in the production, promotion and the marketing of Saudi Coffee locally and globally.

Our Objectives


to promoting the National Coffee Industry and boosting its attractiveness.


for those with innovative ideas and farmers in the local coffee market.


with Saudi SMEs enabling them for growth and expansion opportunities.


the national coffee product rooted in the past, present and future of the Saudi society.

Jazan Region

The Jazan region is in the southwestern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is bordered to the north and east by the Asir region, and overlooks the Red Sea from the west, with a 330 km coastline. It is also bordered to the south and southeast by the Republic of Yemen. The region includes 13 governorates and around 80 islands in the Red Sea. It is characterized by fertile prolific lands in addition to its groundwater, wells, and valleys. Its climate varies according to its diverse terrain, which makes it suitable for agricultural investments that contribute to securing part of the Kingdom's food security.

Fahad Alnuhait

Chairman of the board of directors

Bakr Al Muhanna

Member of the Board of Directors & Vice Chairman

Eng. Hosam Alqurashi

Member of the Board of Directors

Advisor – RCRC City Marketing and Investment Promotion The Royal Commission for Riyadh City (RCRC)

Tony Weisman

Member of the Board of Directors

Joseph Reiner

Member of the Board of Directors

Karim Chabara

Chief Executive Officer

Ahmed Hamed

Director Of Operation

Ghassan Nasser

Director Of Human Resources

Mohammed Zainy

Director Of Marketing

Moath Almeshekah

Director Of Finance

Rakan Hariri

Director Of Sales & Distribution

Mona Albaoud

Compliance, Governess Director & board secretary

Press & Media

PIF Launches the Saudi Coffee Company to Further Enable Saudi Arabia’s Food & Agriculture Sector

Published by: 15/May/2022

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